Color me out of the loop. A new concept art piece from MEG hit the internet and I was none the wiser. Many of you will not be surprised at that. TV Guide ran a piece today that indicates one of the things slowing our film down is the increasing costs of the [do we want another?] Rush Hour 3. I don’t know exactly how true that is or all the details, but it’s great to see coverage for the flick and more cool artwork. The image above, which was gleaned from Jan after the TV Guide image only made me squint in agony, is the first one I’ve seen that features some of the leading characters and ought to effectivly convey the size and viciousness of the titular creature.

I encourage folks to spread the word out about this flick if you’re excited about seeing a monster movie on this grand a scale. We can use the grassroots help and would really like to stop being such teases about it and get a nic ejuicy 2008 date for folks to plan for.

Here’s the image I debuted on G4TV several weeks back, if you missed it: