I’ve about reach my threshold of writing about Human Centipede 2 in the last 24 hours, as it released a viral-style teaser trailer and was announced as the opening Fantastic Fest film. I’d only bring it up again for actual footage, and that’s what we’ve finally got.

As you might expect there’s very little actual footage (much more of the first film), but it gives you a nice moving look at Martin, the new villain. A complete 180ยบ turn from the coldly analytical, delicately thin sharpness of the glasses-sporting Dieter Laser (Dr. Heiter), now we have Laurence R. Harvey playing a short, soft, round creep with the buggiest of bug-eyes. Also he generally seems much less… with it than Dr. Heiter, which could certainly make him more dangerous and unpredictable.

The trailer also gives up the goods on the meta aspect of the plot, which has our *achem* protagonist emulating the events of the first film with his own twisted sense of excess. It’s also entirely in black and white, which I had not heard was the case for the sequel. Is that how the film is actually presented, or is it a trailer only thing? The footage is pretty beautiful, so I’m kind of crossing my fingers for B&W.

This is a Yahoo! debut, which makes me chuckle for some reason.

Now that you’ve finally got a look, think you’ll be in a theater, or peeking at this through clenched fingers in your own home? Twitter, comments, boards.

I caught this through former-CHUD writer Alex’s Tumblr.