One of the more subtly interesting elements of Jason Reitman’s filmography so far has been an appreciation for design and an approach that seems to root that appreciation in the DNA of his films. If you look at Thank You For Smoking, Juno, and Up In The Air, everything from the promotional materials, to the title credit designs, to the filmmaking itself feels unified by a similar guiding sensibility, despite all being quite unique. Well now there’s a fourth film to add to that collection, and again form the very first poster it stands out while still feeling like part of a series or something.

The poster comes from THR, and one of the first pieces of official imagery to trickle out from the filmmaker’s latest collaboration with Diablo Cody, which will star Charlize Theron as an alcoholic writer of young adult fiction. She ends up drudging up her old love life by returning to her home town to chase after a married man. Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt also star.

I’m eager to see a trailer for this, as I do like all of Reitman’s films, even if the man himself often tries one’s patience.

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