Mondo does a great fucking job of offering geeks a conduit to beautiful art that accentuates our love of film, but don’t think they’re the only ones out there. Keeping a sharp eye out for good work will often bring you to other small studios that are doing interesting pieces, though some of the best work can be even more frustratingly limited than Mondo’s sells-out-in-a-flash runs. A new awesome example?

The Machines Are Winning: A Tribute To Sidney Lumet

A series of 17 posters, The Machines Are Winning has been produced by a variety of artists to support a show in Denver paying tribute to the late master filmmaker. The whole thing is curated by Jay Shaw, who has put together a roster of artists with a few familiar names like Lloyd Stas and the Kingdom of Nonsense studio (whose Videodrome piece I consider the crown jewel of my own screenprint collection).

Naturally these will be hard to come by as they’ll be sold at the show in Denver, with the extras popping up online via Kingdom of Nonsense. If you’re in Denver, hit the actual show when it opens on Friday September 9th, at 7:00pm. The rest of us will just have to cross our fingers the next morning that anything is left.

Take a look at some preview images below, care of OMGPosters. This only a small look (there’s a couple more, but not yet the full set at OMGP), but you can see some amazing minds have gone to work here. Let us know your favorite in the comments or on twitter.