While we await the ultimate fate of Marvel’s genetic wunderkind at the questionably capable hands of Brett Ratner, a different breed of mutant is on the way to theaters. And only Tom Jane and Hellboy can save us.

CHUD fave Ron Perlman is the latest to join the sci-fi flick The Mutant Chronicles, based on a role-playing game. The story is set centuries in the future where corporations have waged war over the solar system’s natural resources. 

Jane heads an elite soldier squad fighting against the marauding legion of demonic Necro-powered mutants who come to harvest the remnants, and Perlman will play a religious leader who’s probably buried under latex prosthetics. Stephen Rea, last seen in V for Vendetta, is also fighting for the good guys along with Benno Furmann (Joyeux Noel), battling baddie John Malkovich and lots of computer-rendered villainy.

While the details seem to have already been covered by The Chronicles of Riddick, writer-director Simon Hunter has been trying to get Mutant Chronicles made for many moons.