Well this is film that seems to be aiming to stir up shit… Do you think it will be the title, Virgin Mary, sacrilegiously applied to a cheapie sex-comedy, or the pairing of 15-year-old (and fondly regarded) child actress Abigail Breslin with a 20 year old rom-com actor in a story about fucking?

To be fair, the story of a pair of friends (the dude is played by Carter Jenkins) making a pact to bang each other when they turn 18 if they haven’t managed to bang someone else sounds like it could easily lead to a harmless (read: boring) resolution, but that won’t stop prudes and watchdogs from unleashing on even the idea of the film.

The film will also join a few other notable child stars together, including Spy Kid Daryl Sabara and Akeelah herself, Keke Palmer. They’ll all be directed by indie filmmaker Beth Schacter.

This joins a hat-trick of announcements concerning the Signs and Little Miss Sunshine star as a trailer recently debuted for her film Janie Jones that opens in October, and it was also announced she’ll be showing up in Class Project, a gritty indie film about matricide! While the former looks like a harmlessly sweet drama about a rocker discovering love for a daughter he was unaware of, the second is a more edgy true-crime story of a two sisters who murdered their mother and got away with it for over a year. While Breslin’s face seems to still be clinging to her tweeny cuteness, she seems to have matured into a fine actress– it will be interesting to see her go that dark.

It’s always a big thing when child stars grow up and start taking on more adult roles, but it seems like Breslin is really seizing her chances since she’s still only 15! She better not dump it all out to fast, or the creeps won’t even get to enjoy their “She’s 18!” countdowns.

Janie Jones Trailer:


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Source | Variety, Collider