Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company has been revving the remake machine since their first major financial successes (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror), and now they’re whirling the ratchet on their update of The Hitcher for Rogue Pictures.

Jiving with early rumor (somewhat), the new version will switch sexes of the protagonist from C. Thomas Howell to One Tree Hill hottie Sophia Bush (healthy Platinum Dunes alum Jessica Biel was previously buzzed for the role). The sweet young Stay Alive cupcake won’t be riding solo on her cross-country trek, however – she’ll have a beau to keep her company, as well as the murderous sadist they decide to offer a ride.

The great original 1986 flick followed a young driver who makes the mistake of picking up a murderous loon (played by a truly cuckoo Rutger Hauer), who then decides to torment the young lad by killing everyone he comes in contact with and playing a lethal cat-and-mouse game across the desert.

The new flick will be directed by music video and commercial shooter Dave Meyers from a script by Jake Wade Wall. Although Sam Rockwell and Nip/Tuck doc Julian McMahon were previously rumored to be wearing Hauer’s psycho pants, the titular itinerant madman has yet to be announced.