vdsIf you’re on a boat that turns upside down and starts sinking, the first thing you’re going to want to salvage is your PSP. And with this very excellent new Poseidon contest, you’ll be able to make sure your PSP can withstand the icy waters of the North Atlantic and you’ll be able to hear your favorite UMDs over the screams of the dying and the explosions of the engines. We’re giving away a PSP Life Preserver Pack:

1 Logitech PlayStation Portable Case
1 Logitech PlayStation Portable Speakers
1 Logitech PlayStation Portable Skin Kit and the very cool Poseidon skin.

I have the Case and the Speakers and I can tell you that they make my PSP experience so much better. One lucky grand prize winner is going to take this set home (from the mailbox) – but wait! What if you don’t have a PSP? Well, in that case, you’ll be going home with

vdsa1 Poseidon Jacket
1 Poseidon Watch
1 Poseidon Soundtrack from A&M Records featuring two new songs performed by Fergie titled “Won’t Let You Fall” and “Bailamos” as well as score music composed by Klaus Badelt.

But that’s not all! Five runners up will be getting:

Poseidon Swim Team Tees
Poseidon Garment Washed Sandwich Visor Hats
Poseidon Continental Navy Crew Tees
Porthole Shaped Magnifier Paperweights

The paperweight is easily the coolest thing here – which is saying a lot, actually.

csaHow do you win? Simple – Poseidon is part of the tradition of disaster films populated by familiar character actors. Let’s second guess director Wolfgang Peterson – which character actors would you sink on the Poseidon? Bruce Campbell is not allowed!

Send me your answer along with your name, mailing address and whether you have a PSP or not to devin@chud.com with POSEIDON in the subject line.

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