From Scott Von Doviak’s “Vanishing Act” column at

“For instance, did you know that at one time, Cimino was actually hired to direct Footloose? Personally, I would like to see documentary footage of the meeting at which this decision was reached. I’d much rather see that than ever again sit through Desperate Hours or Year of the Dragon, two Cimino films that actually were made. (Quoth Footloose producer Craig Zadan: ‘Cimino wanted to make a darker movie. We wanted to make an entertainment.’ And Kenny Loggins rejoiced.)”

To begin with, thank you for reminding me of this, Mr. Von Doviak.

Secondly, Year of the Dragon is awesome and clinically proven to cure piles.  Side effect: it makes you hate Asian people.  (“But his name is Stanley White!  It’s a metaphor!!!“)

Finally, I doubt Kenny Loggins rejoiced, as he was famous for holding Thunderbolt and Lightfoot theme parties at his Laurel Canyon home well into the late 80s (when he grew despondent over the tepid critical reception that greeted the butchered 1987 theatrical cut of The Sicilian).  You’re just making him hurt all over again.