first picture of Steve Carrell from Evan Almighty has appeared in the pages of USA Today, Official Newspaper of the Dumbening of America. It looks like Carrell has gone full on Old Testament here – and speaking of testaments, it’s a testament to his commitment to this role that he would allow his hair and beard to grow so long.

Evan Almighty is the sequel to Bruce Almighty, which had Jim Carrey become God, a concept that shook the faith of the entire Western world. In this one, Carrell reprises his role as Evan Baxter. This time the news anchor has moved on to become a politician in Washington when God calls on him to build an ark. He resists, but God makes his hair grow long until he gives in. Obviously God has lost some of his skillz since the old days, since I know he used to have much greater convincing powers beyond hirsuteness.

The real question is how this film will deal with the destruction of the human race. I mean, isn’t that what God does after telling dudes to build arks? The drowning of the world should be high comedy.