csaFantastic Four 2 could be making up for the Earthbound antics of the first film by getting all cosmic – Variety is reporting that it looks like the Silver Surfer will be in the sequel. And we all know that where the Surfer goes, Galactus can’t be far behind.

The deal’s not yet done; the choice is down to two scripts – one by Mark Frost, who wrote the first Four, and one by Don Payne, one time writer for The Brian BenBen show, as well as  this summer’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Apparently Payne’s script is the one that has Silver Surfer.

I already hear the moans and cries of the fanboys who want Surfer set up in his own film first, but a guest spot in FF2 is the best way to get the guy out there – finally. I really do hope this is the direction they’re taking, as I’ve heard Frost’s script focuses on the Puppet Master, a villain with zero scope. And scope is what was missing from the fairly decent first film. Also missing from the fairly decent first film: Chromed dudes in boxer briefs hanging ten around Uranus.