Despite being consistently reminded of the overwhelming mound of coverage aimed at Attack the Block this year, I’m still reading responses to the box office and columns and such from people that have only just heard about the film. That’s a shame, and some indication that an old school media campaign is irreplaceable– the internet is just too noisey to fill that marketing role alone. Also, the fact that people who have heard about the film are encountering troubles making a screening before the film splits from their theaters indicates to me that the studio hasn’t been behind the film enough to make it a hit in a real way. That felt like the case in Atlanta, where a mere week of showings at one theater made it very difficult to catch.

In any event, I’m not going to fully autopsy the situation here, as I’d rather just let some newly lucky people know that the film is near them. These dates/places comes from producer Edgar Wright himself, dig through it and see if one of the theaters is near enough that you can catch one of the best films of the year, featuring one of the most interesting new actors of whom you’ll be seeing more soon.

This does represent a relatively large expansion, and I believe puts the film in more theaters than in its 6-week run so far (66).

9/2 Ragtag Cinema Columbia, MO 35mm

9/2 13th Avenue Wichita, KS Digital

9/2 Broadway Salt Lake City, UT 35mm

9/2 Downtown 9 Boise, ID 35mm

9/2 Carmike 12 Kennewick, WA Digital

9/2 Crest Sacramento, CA 35mm

9/2 Garland Spokane, WA 35mm

9/2 Carousel Cinema 16 Greensboro, NC Digital

9/2 Elmwood 20 Harahan, LA Digital

9/2 Hollywood 20 Greenville, SC Digital

9/2 Richmond, VA Digital

9/2 Stonybrook 17 Stonybrook, NY Digital

9/2 New Brunswick 18 New Brunswick, NJ Digital

9/2 Jersey Gardens Elizabeth, NJ Digital

9/2 Showplace 11 Bloomington, IN Digital

9/2 Rivertown 20 Grandville (Grand Rapids) Digital

9/2 Eastside 9 Lafayette Digital

9/2 Point 16 Madison Digital

9/2 Town Center Leawood, KS Digital

9/2 Studio Olathe, KS Digital

9/2 Ronnie’s Sappington, MO Digital

9/2 Chase Park St. Louis, MO Digital

9/2 South Beach Miami

9/2 Princess Waterloo 35mm

9/2 International Village or Scotiabank Vancoucer 35mm

9/2 Globe Winnipeg 35mm

9/2 College Station 14 Springfield, MO Digital

9/2 Harvard Sq. 5 Boston, MA Digital

9/2 Cherry Hill 24 Cherry Hill, NJ Digital

9/2 Waterfront 22 Pittsburgh Digital

9/2 Plainville 20 Plainville, CT Digital

9/2 Southwind 12 Lawrence, KS Digital

9/2 Mission Valley 20 San Diego, CA Digital

9/2 Century 16 Salt Lake City, UT Digital

9/2 Holiday Park City Digital

9/2 Victoria Ward Honolulu 35mm

9/2 Pearlridge West 16 Aiea 35mm

9/2 Horton Plaza 14 San Diego, CA Digital

9/2 Monterey, CA 35mm

9/2 Fayette Mall 16 Lexington Digital

9/2 Fallen Timbers 14 Maumee (Toledo) Digital

Has the film finally come your way? Let us know on twitter, in the comments, or on the forums…