casHow long does it take a nation to forget the Flintstones movies? It’s been 6 years since Viva Rock Vegas, and despite the cries of “Too Soon!”, Warner Bros is dipping back into the Hanna Barbera well to turn a cartoon into a live action film. This time it’s The Jetsons, the wacky family from the future.

Adam F Goldberg, the writer of Fanboys, truly one of the most dispiritingly bad scripts I have ever come across, is penning this one. Between this and writing the remake of Revenge of the Nerds, Goldberg is showing that he’s a man who follows his own vision, which probably involves him in a nice car and a house in the Hills. There may be room in there for some blow – he’s open to your notes.

I’m just looking forward to the all-CGI creation of Astro, the lovable mutt owned by the Jetsons. I’ve been considering following the recommendations of the Bad Brains song Lights Out, and I think sitting in a theater showing Tim Allen (or whatever other talentless comic suited for a family film they get to play George) cavorting with a sure-to-be-shoddy-despite-the-gazillion-bucks-they-will-spend CGI dog will finally give me the impetus to poke my eyes out of my fucking skull. And I hope they get a sassy black or hispanic woman to voice the robot maid.

By the way, I looked for Jetsons porn to use an illustration for this article. I found it all very amateurish and lacking.