Let me preface this by saying I like baseball as much as movies. I’ve watched just about every Yankees, Braves, and Indians game this season and can watch any baseball game at any time. The months between November and April are probably my most creative but also excruciating to sit through. I’m a baseball idiot and I won’t even debate the merits of it or why it’s so much better than football and soccer and sexy looks from women who aren’t my wife. It just is.

When my hated Red Sox were treated to an amazing boxed set from A&E and Major League Baseball, I did the only thing a fan of my magnitude would do. I bought it. Then, they released a Yankees set. I don’t think my feet touched the ground on the way to the store. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one as four boxed sets have come out since with more on the way.

I have a handful of each of these four pictured above to give away to the baseball fans out there reading this here website:

The Chicago White Sox 2005 Collector’s Edition: A seven disc set devoted to last year’s surprising and inspiring (to some, I’d rather it have been the Injuns). All the games from the series in their entirety as well as the clinching games from the ALDS (aw, poor Red Sox) and ALCS (Avenging Angels). There’s also a bonus disc and in my experience it’s that one that ends up having the most surprises.

The New York Mets 1986 Collector’s Edition:
A nine disc set devoted to the (hopefully for a million years) last Championship for the Mets, the year they beat the Red Sox and contributed to an overrated "curse". Ray Knight. Gary Carter. Dwight Gooden. Bill Buckner. All the great moments from a great series that I remember rather vividly. Additionally there’s the spiffy bonus disc and the clinching game of the NLCS, where the Astros were sent back to the DOme with their hats in their hands.

The Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 Collector’s Edition:
A seven disc set devoted to the "We Are Family" year that Willie Stargell (died way too young) and Dave Parker hammered balls into the night sky, all while wearing silly hats. There’s no bonus disc or NLCS disc but this is the Pirates during the greatest years and it’s funny to see the Orioles lose.

The St. Louis Cardinals Best Years of Busch Stadium Collector’s Edition:
A six disc set which covers the gamut from the sixties to Ought-Four featuring a slew of classic, CLASSIC games. Bob Gibson throwing mean heat, Mark McGwire hitting the juice out of balls, Pujols being older than he says he is, and the Wizard flitting around the infield making plays. What’s not to love?

Now, I want the fans to reach out and touch me. Platonically. Through email. Pick which set floats your boat the most and click the appropriate link to send me your entry. I will accept multiple entries (one for each set) but will only choose one per person. Also, if you send me just your address without an entry I will delete the nuts out of it. Here’s the questions, please use the correct link and don’t forget to include your mailing address:

For the White Sox Set:

Tell me why the Sox will repeat in 2006. It ain’t just Thome, it has to be more. Discuss the loss of Rowand, an Indians team with a year of experience under their belts, and the rest of the field out there. Tell me why they will or why they won’t. Also, please tell me a little about your favorite White Sock of all time. Mine? Either ol’ Shoeless or BlackJack McDowell.

For the Mets Set:

Tell me why these evil Mets are going to, or not going to end the run of my precious Braves (who currently are trailing the Phillies and Jeff Francoeur just fouled away ball four). Details, please. Don’t just tell me that Omar Minaya loves his Latinos. I know he does. Also, tell me who your favorite Met is, past or present. One of the cokeheads from the 80’s? The mustache of Keith Hernandez? What about ladies man Ron Darling? What about supposed man’s man Mike Piazza?


For the Pirates Set:

Arrrrrrrrrrrr! First of all, discuss to me how in the nine Hells so many horrid uniforms came out of the 70’s and 80’s? Was all the free love of the sixties taking revenge? Was it because Vietnam was slightly unsuccessful? Was it because I was born in that era? Also, tell me about the Pirates as a franchise. I love them, but they somehow never seem to right the ship and I can imagine ’91 and ’92 sting like a bitch. Also, tell me your favorite Buc of all time. Mine is probably either Chico Lind, Mike Lavalliere, or Bluebeard.

For the Cardinals Set:

From seafarers to religious nuts. Oh, it’s the BIRD Cardinals? OK. Every year the Cardinals seem to be the team to beat and each year they are the team that’s beat. At least in the past couple of decades. What has kept the team from getting over the hump and don’t just say that Tony LaRussa does too many pitching substitutions because I know that already. Also, if you’re a Cards fan I’d like your take on 3 Nights in August. I loved the book, but it doesn’t make me like the team any better. Lastly, let’s hear your favorite Cardinal of all time. Mine is probably Eckstein. He’s gritty!