csaWe don’t often get excited about family feel-good films here at CHUD (Okay, we never get excited about them.), but when Paul Feig’s in the director’s chair, all bets and preconceived notions are off.

Recently we visited set of his new film, Unaccompanied Minors, which is currently filming in Salt Lake City, UT. The story, as previously reported, revolves around a group of middle school students flying to and from broken homes, who end up stranded at the airport on Christmas Eve.
The film features several talented young actors: Dyllan Christopher, Tyler James Willams (Everybody Hates Chris), Gina Mantegna (daughter of Joe), Brett Kelly (Bad Santa) and a slew of comedic talent: Lewis Black, Robert Corrdry, Dave Allen, ‘Office –ers': B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling, David Koechner and Arrested Development alums: Rob Riggle, Jessica Walter and Tony Hale, just to name a few.

Over the next few days we’ll feature interviews from the major players involved with the film, starting with the wonderfully creative, all-around nice guy, Paul Feig. Stay tuned because in addition to details from the set and the film, there are some surprising, yet juicy tidbits on the future of the X-Men franchise, the new ChiPs movie and Wilmer Valderrama’s potent sex appeal (did I mention he’s playing the nerdy guy in this film?).