We sometimes do screenings of art films here at CHUD.com. It’s not all fun and games and people getting smashed by wet villains. Sometimes we get highbrow here and bring to you films which touch your spirit, shake hands with your soul, and caress your inner child.

So I’m proud to tell you that we’re doing a screening of Creature in Atlanta on September 8th.

What is Creature? Here’s the official synopsis [how ’bout them grammars?] from the filmmakers:

Promising a week of fun and relaxation, a group of six friends’ head out on a road trip to New Orleans.

 Deciding to stop at a roadside tourist trap along the Louisiana back-roads, they are introduced to the legend of Lockjaw, the local version of Bigfoot. A creature part man, part alligator… the legend tells of an inbred local man by the name of Grimley who lost his family to a monstrous white alligator and was driven to madness when he was too late to save his pregnant bride (also his sister!) from the beast. In a fit of rage, he ate the ancient alligator and was cursed and transformed into the monster that became known as Lockjaw.

 Their curiosity peaked, the group decides to head deeper into the swamps to check out the birthplace of the Creature legend. As they journey further into the backwoods the group arrives at an old dilapidated cabin and decide to camp there for the night. Setting up camp and unwinding by the campfire, they are blissfully unaware that they are being watched…

 Soon, an innocent road trip to New Orleans becomes a nightmarish and brutal fight for survival deep in the swamplands of the Louisiana Bayou…

Amazing! Sid Haig joins a cast of familiar young faces in this tale of rural terror.

Want to see it with us, Atlanta? Using the link below and including your name, tell me where you wish a vicious creature could be unleashed and you just may! The screening is at Phipps Plaza, one of my favorite old haunts and a place we’ve done precious too few screenings in the past half decade or so.