STUDIO: Warner Home Video
MSRP: $29.98
RUNNING TIME: 500 Minutes
SPECIAL FEATURES: "Joey Impersonations" – montage of Dave Coulier’s comic impersonations

The Pitch

“Crap – we’re been renewed! What do we do for Season 3? Cheesy family jokes? Have Stamos sing? Another Coulier Popeye impression? Crap! If only those twins were 18!”

Gratuitous Baio shot.

The Humans

John “The Hair” Stamos, Dave “Reality D-Lister” Coulier, Bob “Aristocrat” Saget, Candace “Not Kirk” Cameron, Jodie “Meth” Sweetin and the in-desperate-need-of-a-sandwich Twins

The Nutshell

It’s My Two Dads – only with a third dad and no Paul Reiser. Essentially it is more of the same family high jinx we saw in the previous two seasons (reviewed here and here) and in the next 5 seasons (I’m sure to be reviewed… STAY TUNED!) Basically it is more of the same from the House crew as Danny, Uncle Jesse and Joey try their hardest to raise DJ, Stephanie and Michelle.

And to think Rebecca Romijn got all up in that.

The Lowdown

This season represents a big shift in the Full House world. Not a big shift like what happened between Seasons 1 and 2 of Charles in Charge where most the cast changed, but a shift in storyline.

Season 1 was mostly about Stamos, although Saget had his episode or two in there. Ultimately the Season was dedicated to the show’s concept. The second season really focused on Stamos and his hair. Not much else – the rest of the cast was window dressing to the Stamos hairpiece.

“Oh, aren’t you cute. I shall call you… mini me."

But, in season 3 we begin to see Stamos’ dominance decline. Don’t get me wrong – he has his fair share of screen time. Plus, his romance with Rebecca is a constant and there are a few more desperate attempts to launch his signing career. (Seriously, had this show come out 5 years later and on the WB it would have a soundtrack every year with Stamos belting out some crappy ballad.) However, the show isn’t geared around him and his supporting players.

Finally the other five cast members (well, four – the Olsens were still too young to design full episodes around) get their chance in the sun. This season presents the breakout in Full House plotlines as now there are episodes devoted to Stephanie and/or DJ. The adults aren’t hogging the entire spotlight anymore. In fact, some of the best episodes of the season are geared around a Supporting Cast member or the ensemble:

- Back to School Blues – focuses on DJ going to junior high

- Nerd for a Day – Where Stephanie is forced to be me in grade school (the horror)

- Star Search – This season’s desperate attempt to launch Coulier’s comedy career

- Lust in the Dust – Friends would later rip this one off, Danny dates a messy chick

- 13 Candles – DJ gets more action on her 13th birthday than I got through 9th grade

- Honey, I Broke the House – the best episode of the season (I know, I’m stretching here) where Stephanie drives a car through the kitchen. Hilarity ensues

Actually, there is only one good episode that centers around Stamos, Dr. Dare Rides Again. And, I think the presence of the all-seeing, all-knowing Scott Baio lifts that episode up more than anything else.

In twenty years they’ll be bragging about how they saw the Olsens naked.

Using the entire cast makes the show more palatable. It is still sickeningly sweet, but that goes down easier (insert Olsen joke here) when you know that every episode won’t be geared around the same character. Variety goes a long way and, in this case, really helped the show gel (insert Stamos hair joke here).

The Package

Bare bones all the way around. The “special feature” is pretty weak – nothing but a collection of Coulier clips. The only noteworthy part of the package is that this season is in Slim Cases. I like Slim Cases more than the annoying boxes overlay the disks on top of each other (like Full House Seasons 1 and 2).

3 out of 10

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Obviously they’ve never read Earth in the Balance.