Just the other day we got the rather exciting news that actor, filmmaker and Matt Murdock buddy Jon Favreau will be tuning up the machinery for Marvel and Paramount’s Iron Man movie.

To stay that much closer to the fans (but still with the relative comfort buffer of data), Favreau is chewing a zeitgeist bite and already using Myspace to chart the progress of the film. In a post on his own blog he says that he started the Iron Man discussion group because "the internet is full of faulty info. I wanted to have at least one place where the facts would be correct." Nifty!

Favreau also states the Paramount isn’t allowing the dust to settle on John Carter of Mars just yet, and that he’s "still very much attached to it both as a director and producer."

While this is theoretically a cool way for Favs to provide semi-regular updates and cut through the bull, I personally can’t stand Myspace — I think it’s generally unsightly, and only seems to further contribute to the already reprehensible literacy of today’s youth. But if you want to know that the kiddies out there in the virtual land of Myspace think that Mark Wahlberg and Leo Nardo Dicaprio shouldn’t be allowed to play Tony Stark because they’re "gay", but Invasion star Eddie Cibrian would be a fine choice because "he’s grate", OMG it’s the right place to go! Definately.