I’m still not the biggest fan of Superman (give me a Power Girl movie), but judging by the new trailer for Superman Returns the Last Kryptonian seems to be safe in the hands of Bryan Singer, who ditched Marvel’s mutants to play with the beefstick in the blue tights.

Singer’s megabudget update of the classic comic book hero ignores references to Mark Pillow, Richard Pryor and Tom Welling, picking up after the events of the first two Superman movies as Kal-El comes back to Earth after being absent for several years, during which time┬áhis former love Lois Lane has downloaded offspring and Gene Hackman has transformed into Kevin Spacey.

The Warner Bros. production certainly looks slick (and expensive), and although relative newcomer Brandon Routh was a supersized question mark as the square-jawed leading man, he seems to fit into the late Chris Reeve’s vacated shoes, glasses and cape just fine.