asWhat the hell is up with Feast, the last movie to be made on Project Greenlight? I asked director John Gulager that question when I met him at the Slither premiere afterparty in Los Angeles a couple of months back. He wasn’t sure, and he wasn’t all that optimistic about the film getting a release. Later I ran into him in the bathroom and it was a little weird moment, but I was pretty loaded and can’t remember it that well. Oh the glitz of Hollywood!

Daniel Robert Epstein, the Bedrock of the New York City movie junket scene’s Youngblood, recently talked to Gulager about Feast and life post-Greenlight. It’s a good little interview, and some mention is made of a possible October release. To read the full interview, click on the excerpt below.

DRE: Are you taking offers as a director now or are they waiting until Feast comes out?

Gulager: No, there are a lot of scripts. I actually have a whole pile of scripts here but nothing that’s caught my eye. I’m writing a couple of things. I wrote a TV series that I would get to direct and shoot and actually act in one of the episodes. I’d like to do that. It’s for a cable television station. I’m not supposed to say too much more. I’m rewriting a script from [Feast screenwriters] Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. If it comes out the way I want, I’d probably want to direct. One of the good things is people who didn’t want me at the beginning of the TV show, all want to do something again. As far as feeling better about what a goofball I am or not, I think that’s good.

DRE: Is it a Masters of Horror episode?

Gulager: Oh I met those guys and that was discussed. Marcus and Patrick want to do something with those guys. But apparently all the directors are coming back next year, so I guess there’s no place for me right now. I’m going to go to one of their dinners. They should do a show called The Bastards of Horror and it would be all the younger guys that were raised on all their stuff and now make horror films. We would be the next generation, and we could have another show.