After the massive recent box office success of action-chick flicks like… Aeon Flux? Ultraviolet? Bloodrayne? Uhh…


After the impressive comic book sales of recently re-launched cold-blooded hottie Red Sonja (and fantasy titles in general), Millennium and Emmett/Furla have decided to make the character flesh once again with a new $25 million feature that can realistically only be better than the 1985 Brigitte Nielsen catastrophe.

Like Conan, Red Sonja is the creation of pulp-fantasy writer Robert E. Howard, with all the same kind of magic-loaded sword-and-sorcery high adventure that has experienced a major resurgence lately in both film and comics.

The real question is, what actress could possibly stuff the chain-mail bikini of the statuesque scarlet-haired warrior woman? Let’s be honest: outside of my imagination there just aren’t a lot of busty, buff and gorgeous gals who know how to handle phallic weaponry.