As luck would have it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the hard drive on my laptop.  There is, however, a huge problem with my video card.  Evidently, the video card was causing the system to fail every time it would try and boot to windows.  Great.  Even better news is that the motherboard on that particular computer was quite old, so although a replacement was found, it was rare enough to cause the dealer to charge a hefty $600 for the exchange.  And looking at the situation, seeing as a new laptop would cost me around $700-$800 anyway, the choice was clear that a new system was needed.  The one spot of good news in the whole debacle was that all the data from my previous system was able to be ghosted onto the new computer. 

    Anyway, this week has been quite the whirlwind of pop culture news and given me much to write about.  First, the DVD of the week is Jumper.  Tis film was criticized over and over again with the same results.  They all hated it.  I always need to make my own judgments when it comes to movies or TV and rented this one myself and began to dissect it.  To put it simply, I loved it.  I thought it had the right amount of action coupled with the right amount of drama.  The special effects are amazing, but the concept is what held the most intrigue for me.  Imagine a world where within it existed types of people with the ability to teleport themselves to any spot they could see.  Which group would be most strongly opposed to such an ability?  Religious groups.  I mean who else?  No religion in particular, but doesn’t it always seem that these fanatics always want to thwart the advancement of the human race?  It seems at times that if they had their way, religious groups would much rather have us living in the middle ages.  But enough commentary on that.  This group calls themselves paladins and are hell bent on ridding the world of these jumpers.  Samuel L. Jackson plays the role of the lead antagonist and, although it is never formally said, lead paladin.  He chases our hero, Hayden Christianson, all over the world in his quest to destroy all things “unholy”.  All in all this DVD provides hours of entertainment through not only the feature, but the extras as well.  If you spring for the Blu-Ray, you will not be disappointed either, as they fully take advantage of Blu-Ray technology where you can have a picture in picture view of behind the scenes and making of while watching the feature.  This one is a definite rent if not a buy depending on your own opinions.

    Lets jump into video games for a bit.  Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots was released this week and let me tell you it has been well worth the wait.  If you have never played a Metal Gear game before, or you have been playing since the franchises’ inception twenty years ago like myself, you can not help but enjoy the final chapter in the saga of Solid Snake.  The game fully takes advantage of the PS3’s computing ability and gives you tactical espionage action in a brilliant full 16×9 1080p display.  The game follows Solid Snake on his final mission to rid the world of his his brother, Liquid Snake, and a radical group known only as, ‘The Patriots’.   Lead game designer and father of Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima, has always created games with plot turns and twists that are both frustrating and highly addictive.  Although you don’t enjoy being strung along and teased by his antics, you can’t help but be pulled in so far that you must see what happens next.  As I stated before, I have been playing this title for 20 years and can honestly say, this is the best yet.  With Snake’s new active camouflage, which allows him to blend right in with any surrounding, or his little robot that can check out areas for any danger, Kojima has outdone himself once more.  This title is a must if you own a PS3.

    Also announced this week is the confirmation of a BioShock movie.  Again, films made from video games are never well done and if I had to bet, I would say this is no exception.  Even though the storyline of BioShock is one of superb entertainment, and Gore Virbinski is a top notch director, I have little faith in the films ability to deliver.  Recreating Rapture will be a test in and of itself, not to mention creating believable characters like Andrew Ryan.  Could this be a BioShocker?  Could it be the one to break the streak?  Only time will tell.

    Wow.  So much to talk about to wrap up this week I feel as if the only way to do it is to jump from subject to subject.  Street Fighter IV given a few more game play videos as well as tentative release times.  Contrary to its predecessor, Street Fighter IV is supposed to not only be new and improved, but also have the feel and balance of the most loved game in the franchise, Street Fighter II.  Being a video game enthusiast, I am chomping at the bit to get my hands on a copy of this new fighter.  The only problem is, the game is not set to hit consoles until sometime in late 2009 or even early 2010.  Sad news I know.  There is a slight shining light however.  The arcade cabinet release will be sometime this summer!  Although no distributors have been announced as of yet,  I have decided that I have lived long enough without an arcade cabinet in my house and will be purchasing a Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet when it is released here in the states.  One thing is for sure.  It will be released to consoles eventually, and your local arcades will be swimming with them very soon, so fret not.

    Finally, Code Monkeys has begun their second season of 8-bit hilarity.  If you are not familiar with this show, then I urge you to tune in on Sunday nights at 10 pm to witness animated comedy parallel to that of South Park and even the Simpsons.  The show revolves around the lives of Dave and Jerry, two software programmers for a make-believe video game company called Gameovision.  It will keep you laughing until your sides split with characters like the crzy oil tycoon boss they have, the D&D loving momma’s boy, the token white hating black man, and even the super flamboyant score writer.  Tune in to G4 Sunday nights to observe the next new wave of animated comedy.

    Having somewhat of a movie marathon today as I attend three films at my local cineplex.  I will be seeing, The Incredible Hulk, The Happening, and Iron Man.  I know this blog has been blunt and to the point, but I am kind of rushed.  I will give you a detailed blog this evening when I return from my ‘Day at the Movies’.  Until then keep watching the skies, and always ask yourself, “Do I do my chewing in the sewer?”