Variety reports that Under The Dome, Stephen King’s 1000+ page good vs. evil story, is going to be developed as a TV (mini?) series for Showtime.  Maybe it’s because I finally finished it a week ago after procrastinating for 2 years!

The rights had been picked up in 2009 by Dreamworks but nothing really materialized until now.

Here’s hoping this doesn’t fade into obscurity like The Talisman, which Steven Spielberg had also optioned as a mini-series for TNT but went so over budget that it was scrapped.

It’s a really good story with some gripping characters, and will make you hate the evil that people are capable of.  It’s not King’s absolute best, and isn’t nearly as epic as The Stand.  But it’ll work splendidly as a TV series, even though the book’s timeframe is no more than a week and a half or so.  I could almost see it working better as a mini-series.

Thomas Jane needs to be Barbie.  Immediately.