csaMichael Bay’s Transformers
is folding up its arms and tucking its head into its chest as it
transforms from vaporfilm into a real live pre-production. Confirming
rumors, Jon Voight tells SciFi Wire that he’s going to be appearing in
the film, playing the Secretary of State.

of course, this one is going to have a lot of special effects, a lot of
computer graphics and stuff like that, so it seems,"
Voight told SciFi Wire. "So
the actors will be tested. Their patience will be tested with lots of
different things. But it’s going to be interesting, too. When you do
something like that—when you do a lot of computer graphics in a movie,
lots of technical stuff—it’s quite intriguing. It’s a lot of fun, you
know? It brings you back to your childhood, and you want to see how
things work."

The movie stars Shia LeBeouf as a boy who
befriends giant robots from the planet Cybertron who use the Earth as a
battlefield in the decades old war between a huge fucking gun and a
Mack truck.