I’m not going to lie , this week I appear to have a massive case of writers block.  None of the half formed topics in my head seem good enough to devote into one blog, which is kind of annoying because I have a new laptop and I wanted to test drive it with some serious writing.  Instead, dear reader I am afraid you will have to settle for another round of Random Thoughts…..

I watched Limitless over the weekend and felt it could use about half an hour stripped from it. I kind of liked the ending and most of the film was kind of fun however it felt like there was a massive amount of padding to get us to that final reveal and closing scene.

In what can on be described as one of the worst cases of irony ever I find myself having to re-import all my music onto my new laptop as the last backup I took was corrupted.  That will teach me for restoring my old machine to factory settings (ready to sell) before checking my backups.  I work in IT for crying out loud – I should know better.

I have a dog now, his name is Dylan and I have to say he is a great little guy to have around the house. At 9 years old all the hard work has been done for me, all I have to do is walk him and make sure he is fed. And given that I’m on a diet the exercise is more than welcome.

Speaking of which the Diet is going very well, even with my occasional “treats”,  I certanly feel better for shedding over a stone (so far) and its a bit of a kick to put on clothes and realise they are to big for you.

When I bought He-Man and Skeletor I told myself that was it, sadly, I didn’t listen as I now have: Orko, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Battle Cat, Syklone, Mer-Man, Leach and Hordak.  I suspect there will be more in the future as well. I can see why this collecting lark is addictive.

I have today and tomorrow off which means Friday is my next and  last day at my current job.  It’s kind of bittersweet as I loved the hell out of it truth be told.  I met some good people and enjoyed the work but at the same time I am starting a new role at another company and come out of this with some money in the bank, so I guess everything happens for a reason.

Line Rider is the most annoyingly addictive app I have every purchased on iTunes – curse the person that came up with it.

I think that’s enough rambling for now, next week I promise something more substantial…..

Oh and by the way my new laptop is pretty great to write on.