The lead up to Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy has been a string of disappointment for me. I’ve been on edge with excitement to see the film, and yet every time I start to get excited that it’s drawing close, it’s snatched away from me. When I first gushed about the trailor on the CHUD Video I was mistaking the earlier UK date for the US date, and now that I’ve settled myself with a November 18th release they push the film back to December 9th. Maddening!

Fortunately though, there’s some silver and gold lining to this push. First is that they’re rescheduling so they can push it deeper into awards season and give the prestige-dripping spy thriller a better shot at awards. This implies confidence, and suggests the film will live up to expectations. Also comforting is a very generous preview of the lovely-sounding score that has gone up on the official site. You can listen to just shy of 15 minutes of music from the film, and begin to appreciate the very measured, classic tone the film seems to be aiming for. With moody string sweeps and a prominent flute (or piccolo or whatever– I’m out of my depth when trying to identify orchestral instruments), this will definitely sound right at home amidst the 50s/60s spy thrillers it is emulating.

So console yourself with some music, and join me in putting this film out my mind until I finally get to see it, lest we all go mad with excitement.

Twitter, comments, boards — how does the film sound to you? Think it will fare well come awards time?

(via Film Stage)