The much reviled American Oldboy remake managed to completely shift the tone of the buzz by bringing Spike Lee into the picture to make things all unexpected and potentially interesting. Changing out Will Smith for Josh Brolin as the number 1 rumored lead was also a head-turner, and now Mandate Picture has followed through and signed the star to take on this new interpretation of Oh Dae Su.

It’s rare a remake goes so far out of its way to justify its own existence before cameras even roll, but Brolin directed by Spike Lee in a remake that won’t hit until nearly a decade after the Korean original made such waves… I think it’s time to put the untouchable cynicism to rest, at least until we see more. Brolin is certainly at his best when brooding, and taking on this kind of unusual material may be just the thing to get something as memorable and exciting (in terms of a narrative fiction feature) as Inside Man out of Spike

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Source | Deadline