If this article were written in the mid-1990s, it would have a holo-foil die-cut cover and a variant by Stephen Platt. But this is 2006 and there’s far more profit to be made in feature films, so here’s sort of a¬†"state of the union" regarding Marvel’s slate.

We already heard that Jon Favreau will be¬†polishing the armor of Iron Man, but the same Variety article gives updates on several of Marvel’s movie projects. While most are just writer attachments at this point, perhaps the most important (to us, anyway) is the verification that Shaun of the Dead mastermind Edgar Wright is planning a flick based on Marvel’s diminutive insect-friend Ant-Man. Some time after he finishes up his cop comedy Hot Fuzz, Wright will direct and co-write an Ant-Man movie with Joe Cornish, and though the movie is reportedly taking a more comedic angle, it’ll surely be respectful to the character and the genre if Shaun and Spaced are an indication.

Other Marvel properties in various stages:

A fast-tracked sequel to Hulk, going by the title Incredible Hulk, is now being written by Zak Penn, one of the guys who worked on two X-Men movies and a possible spinoff. And Elektra, unfortunately.

A Captain America movie is being written by David Self (Road to Perdition).

Hollow Man writer and screencap gag provider Andrew Marlowe is working on a movie based on ageing spy Nick Fury.

Hammer-swinging thunder god Thor is getting a new adventure courtesy of Mark Protosevich (The Cell, Poseidon).