It’s been ages since I heard about a remake of the cheesy 80s creature feature whose acronym title has provided considerable mileage for this site, but it sounds like the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers are clawing to the surface once again.

iFMagazine chatted up schlock helmer Tim Cox, whose directing credits include a couple of surprisingly fun Sci-Fi Channel originals: Larva (which I reviewed HERE) and last weekend’s Mammoth, both very tongue-in-cheek B-movies. And now Cox spills the sludge on his plans for an update of John Heard’s finest work.

"Brook Durham and I are in the process of penning the treatment for a remake of a one of 1984’s craziest horror films [C.H.U.D.]," Cox reveals, "which deals with monstrous, mutated, subterranean carnivores. On the latter, we can hopefully pull it off as well as recent revisions such as DAWN OF THE DEAD and THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Our version is much darker, grittier and down-right surrealistic compared to the original film, but we think fans will appreciate the fresh approach…it’s classic, no holds barred horror."

Check out the whole interview, in which Cox further confesses his love for old-school monster movies, right HERE.