Actor Karl Urban has already handled orcs, space mutants, the last Furyan and some nasty occultists (someone else out there must’ve seen The Irrefutable Truth About Demons), and now he’s slicing up a whole bunch of Vikings.

The twist? He is a Viking.

In Pathfinder, Urban plays a young Viking lad left behind during one of his clan’s raiding excursions into America (they visited long before that poof Christopher Columbus, don’tcha know) and raised by a native tribe. When the Norsemen return for more slaughter, the shirtless adult Urban version defends his new family against the invaders by¬†using Rambo methods and shoddy bluescreen.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake director Marcus Nispel gets all Conan and even puts a sword back in Clancy Brown’s hand, and leads the pack of a whole bunch of Viking flicks on their way to pillage, including a couple of Beowulfs, The Northman, some big untitled project at Disney, Outlander (an aliens-versus-Vikings movie that sounds kinda cool), and Hagar the Horrible (yes,¬†based on the newspaper comic).