Ain’t it Cool recently ran a script review of AVP2, one that was taken off the web due to legal issues. As a result, we had to remove the thread discussing it because of legal issues as well as the hijacking of some of our message board logins and IP addresses. Last thing I want to do is contribute to any sorts of legal issues at my advanced age. If readers would like to create a new thread and discuss the film and its concepts without any sort of legal issues, please do.

In my experience, something comes out to explain all this. I’ve been told that not everything was legit in the version of the script they had been given and since I have a relationship with the writer of the script I’ll dig deeper. Not a lot to divulge in terms of details but one thing was certain: It’s best to wait and let the dust settle.

It’s one thing to discuss matters in which there aren’t a lot of facts and it’s another to mess with business and the law. I’m not brilliant but I know our limitations.

I apologize to the readers who were following the issue.