The already distended cast of Ocean’s 13 has become swollen by one more: actor-turned-overactor Al Pacino has joined the questionably necessary threequel (of a remake).

Nobody is divulging any real details of the movie (penned by Rounders cats Brian Koppelman and David Levien), but Pacino will play a Vegas casino owner who is probably gruff and boisterous, even though cartoonishly villainous Andy Garcia is also returning to the franchise. The Warner Bros. flick is due next summer and is again directed by Steven Soderbergh, but reportedly a lot of the film won’t be shooting on location this time due to the logistics of filming in an operational casino, where your extras look exactly like what they are: unsightly tourists.

Ellen Barkin is the apparent substitution for Julia and Zeta, but otherwise the whole gang is expected to return, including Brad, George, Matt, Don, Bernie, the little Chinese guy and those other characters nobody really cares about.