I had a good chuckle this morning when I read the headline “Jeremy Piven Producing Glassblowing Reality Show.” Hollywood is certainly a town that takes pride in making real projects out of ideas that would have typically been jokes.

Called Blow (see guys, they’re self aware!), the show follows what is apparently the world’s only notorious glassblower, Josh Cohen, who apparently surrounds himself with “misfits” who have “antics” that are fit to be recorded constantly and edited into retroactively-engineered plots. This all takes place in New Orleans, so expect some subtext or something to sneak in when an episode needs to jerk a few tears.

To be fair, Cohen isn’t just making vases for old ladies– he’s a genuine artist who has put together some very intriguing art pieces and exhibits based on his glassblowing work that tends to include cool sonic constructs. It seems any mischief he gets up to may be through his association with The Morning Forty Federation, a band he sporadically plays with.

This sounds like it would be right at home following up Hoarders or whatever on TLC, so I guess it’s not such a silly thing to toss some money behind. Best of luck to Piven, who is quickly finding production success having already claimed the title of “Douchiest Production Company Name Conceivable By Man” with his company Luscious Mayhem Productions.

Source | Deadline