csaOh you doubters! Oh you haters! You didn’t believe me that Paul Walker delivers a perspective changing performance in Running Scared. In fact the box office receipts for Running Scared indicate you didn’t believe me that it was a damn good movie in the first place. But that’s OK. I don’t need your approval when I have Quentin Tarantino taking my side.

Aint It Cool News’ Australian subsection or whatever that is – I have to admit to being highly confused with how that site cordons off foreign film coverage – is reporting that Paul Walker was Down Under promoting Eight Below when he let slip that he and QT have become buddies after Running Scared. He told Aussie journalists that he’s read the script to QT’s Inglorious Bastards, and that it’s pretty great. Now that’s not confirmation that the Walker is going to be in the movie, but you generally don’t show an actor your new script unless you want him to take a role.

And you know what? I think Walker fits right into the Tarantino oeuvre next to the Carradines and the Travoltas and the Griers. The only difference is that QT isn’t waiting thirty years to give the guy’s career a new lease on life.