shit. I don’t usually run set photos, but these pics snapped on the set of We Are Marshall need to be seen. The film is the true story of Marshall University’s football team, which got decimated in a plane crash. Matthew McConaughey, seen here in astonishing 70s get-up, plays the new coach who comes to town to rebuild the football team and reshape the hearts of the people or something. I don’t know, it’s West Virginia and I am not sure that the years of inbreeding have left anything resembling actual people there anymore.

At any rate I must say that I am impressed with McConaughey’s dedication to his craft, as People’s Sexiest Man Alive has allowed himself to be dressed in clothes so bad even used car salesmen wouldn’t wear them. I know it’s a period piece, but I wonder if audiences will be able to adjust to the outfits before the closing credits roll. And that hairpiece! How are they going to feature McConaughey on the film’s poster with that rug on his head?

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