Like we mentioned the other day RIGHT HERE, it seems that all (or most) of the rumors about problems on Grind House aren’t anything to worry about, but tiny chunks are still slipping through the veil of secrecy enshrouding the project.

The script for Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino’s half of the exploitation-style double-feature, is apparently making the rounds complete with a 70s-flavored one-sheet (with fold-lines and all) on the cover, and Ain’t It Cool got a copy of it. It’s just a tiny taste, but it does give a sweet indication of the tone QT and Robert Rodriguez are aiming for. It also lets us know that Mickey Rourke and stuntwoman extraordinaire Zoe Bell are the stars of the film, which follows a lunatic driver who vehicularly murders his female prey.

I do still think it’s kinda weird that AICN is getting stuff like this second-hand rather than from the filmmakers themselves, and that they’re just now getting around to dispelling the ongoing rumors surrounding the project, but as long as we keep seeing promising bits like this and will have a finished flick some time before The Rapture, I’ll remain content.