I love the idea of pairing Johnny Knoxville and Patton Oswalt in some kind of comedy that will pit their very hilarious, but very different styles of comedy against each other. When these two are at their most energized and edgy, they’re the best things in town. What makes me nervous though, is any logline that ends with “things go awry.”

Alas, that is the case for the description Deadline has for this untitled film, and so the story of “two battling brothers who attempt to honor their failing father by taking a troop of boys on a camping trip” is going to be as worry as it is intriguing. It’s not all that hard to imagine this being a disastrous Daddy Day Care crop of bullshit with easy jokes and silly moralizing, though the idea of it being a darker, more immoral black comedy could be great.

David Gordon Green is a producer (very promising) but so is Marc Turtletaub, producer of the kind of precious indie comedies that I often find repulsive (but I’m kind of a butthole).

I’ll be interested to hear if this has a decent script behind it, and what tone they’ll be shooting for. Here’s hoping the two of them let loose on this pack of young boys out in the wild.

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