Aside from The Rock, Roddy Piper and… Tiny Lister, not a lot of guys have successfully shifted between professional wrestling “sports entertainment” and feature films.

Yet another actor-athlete bounding from the homoerotic faux-violence of the ring into the turnbuckle of your local theater is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who typically demands at least one “Hell yeah”.   Austin is starring in an action flick called The Condemned (not based on the videogame for Xbox 360), about an unjustly imprisoned ex-cop who exchanges his prison cell for a chance to compete in a lethal competition. Fellow sportsman-turned-movie-thug Vinnie Jones will also star.

The movie, distributed by Lionsgate, will be directed by Scott Wiper (who last helmed and starred in the decent crappy action flick A Better Way to Die) from his own rewrite. WWE has another pair of movies on the way featuring their superstars, the horror flick See No Evil with Voorhees-esque wrestler Kane, and the actioner The Marine, starring grappler John Cena and Nip/Tuck cupcake Kelly Carlson, both due in theaters this year.