Having survived his stopover in Silent Hill, Roger Avary is barreling down the highway for an adaptation of another successful videogame franchise.

Avary, who penned Silent Hill’s spooky treats for Christophe Gans, is writing and directing Driver for Rogue Pictures, the genre arm of Focus/Universal. In the game series, players took the role of Tanner, an undercover cop forced to act as a wheelman for various crime syndicates, leading to cinematic car chases in the vein of Bullitt and The French Connection (or Ronin, if you’re born after 1980).

The film has been in the works for years as a vehicle (ahem) for videogame franchise demolitionist Paul WS Anderson, who’s still producing. Avary will toss aside previous scripts by James Demonaco, Todd Jason Harthan and James Roday, and build his ride from scratch. The project joins several car chase focused flicks currently in the works, but if Avary can include some of the directing zazz he displayed in Rules of Attraction, the movie should at least be more visually exciting than if Anderson was steering.