Are you a Hellraiser fan? I’m sorry, because you are about to see your worst nightmares realized, and not in a good way. The trailer for Hellraiser: Revelations is out, and even by the straight-to-video standards of the last 4 Hellraiser flicks, this looks like ass!

Wow. I mean, just, wow. That is just embarrassing. Obviously that’s a new Pinhead because Doug Bradley was too smart to sign on to this piece of crap, and boy does that new guy stink! My dog is scarier than that guy, and my dog is small and extremely cute. I expect a little more from a film made solely to hold on to the franchise rights. Even more embarrassing, this is getting some sort of limited theatrical and VOD release. When? Who cares?!

This was directed by the moron who made Mirrors 2 and was written by the guy who does Pinhead’s make-up. Way to go, dudes. Now no one will ever take Hellraiser seriously ever again.