I’m positive I had some Sgt. Rock comics as a lad, but I can’t recall anything about the character other than he usually wore "lucky" bullet belts and a tattered uniform, carried a Tommy gun, and obliterated Nazis. Warner Bros. will help me remember, now that they’re promoting (or is it a demotion?) the comic veteran to the feature film ranks.

Writer John Cox has been drafted by producer Joel Silver to pen the latest script for the potential movie, which has been in the works for ages. The DC Comic character led a predictably diverse Easy Company unit (not the Howlin’ Commandos – that was Marvel’s Sgt. Fury) in the European Theatre of WWII.  

I don’t know who John Cox is, so I can only assume he’s written a ton of great stuff that hasn’t been produced yet, and that his take on Rock was more impressive and original than all the previous writers attached to the projects, which includes Brian Helgeland, David Webb Peoples and John Milius (man, I woulda loved to see his version). Still, good news for us war movie fans who weren’t completely satiated by Band of Brothers and All the Queen’s Men.