I guess Ridely has decided to pull a Stallone by returning and paying tribute to his early classics his damn self. “If you want the job done right” and all.

This semi-shocker comes from Deadline, who is reporting that Ridley Scott has signed a deal with the production company behind The Blind Side (good for them?) and that he will make some kind of film that is some way related to his ’82 classic, Blade Runner. Beyond that it all becomes speculation, as they nothing about the nature of the film. Could be prequel, sequel, or sidequel, and it could involve Harrison Ford but it could also not.

Release the conclusion-jumping hounds.

Obviously with the director knee-deep in Prometheus, the totally-not-an-Alien-prequel movie that has so far walked, talked, and acted like an Alien prequel, there is the easily-drawn conclusion that Scott has gotten himself all excited about tackling his old imagery using new technology and new techniques. But again, without having even the tiniest indication what kind of film he’s making, there’s not a lot of worthwhile conclusions to attempt to draw.

Either way, this is big. Big enough.

So let’s get to it– twitter, comments, boards. Spit it out: what do you want to see, and what are you deathly afraid of seeing?