The devil hasn’t had an easy time in movies. He’s either trapped in a green tube underneath a church, or forced to wear the skin of people like Gabriel Byrne or Al Pacino or Peter Stormare (or Elizabeth Hurley, which is better), or stuck in a car chasing James Brolin, and he almost always winds up getting chumped by some mortal.

And now Universal isn’t just in league with Lucifer, they actually want to apprehend the pointy-tailed ass of the Lord of the Flies. They’ve grabbed writer Lucas Sussman’s pitch The Hunt, a supernatural story in which the world’s greatest hunter decides to track and capture the devil himself. I’m no expert, but I’d probably start the search in either Washington DC or somewhere in the Hollywood Hills. Shouldn’t take long.

There are already a whole bunch of producers attached, including Darren Aronofsky. Sussman worked on the script for Below, which was originally an Aronofsky story titled Proteus before David Twohy submerged himself into the project.