I hope all of you Jack Reacher fans have reconciled yourselves with Tom Cruise as your man. Casting is moving forward on One Shot, so Cruise will definitely be taking on the hulking, wandering loner of Lee Child’s books, this time joined by Rosamund Pike.

The actress, who you’ve seen in Doom, Pride & Prejudice, and An Eduction (and will see in Clash of the Titans 2), has nabbed the part of a defense attorney on an odd case about which Reacher happens to possess some key information. Defending a man who has shot five people and turned himself in, Pike’s character will work with Reacher when he comes to confirm the sniper’s murderous history, but ultimately finds a much more suspicious situation surrounding the case.

This seems fashioned as another grounded, safe film for Cruise as he continues to try and rebuild his megastar status, after spending several years cultivating a family life that attracted a lot of weird attention. Obviously the new Mission: Impossible film is the next, highest-profile return to the spotlight for the actor. As for Pike, she’s a fine actress and I hope this role gives her more to do than simply react to Reacher and maybe shoot a bad guy at a key climactic moment. We’ll see– there’s a real love for this series in book-form, so I have to imagine there’s some fun storytelling at the heart of it.

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Source | Deadline