“Ass”! She puts the “ass” in Assassin!

Sorry, screwed up my own tasteless headline.

Regardless, it’s undeniable that while Zoe Saldana may have stirred some weirdo fantasies as a nine-foot tall blue pixely cat woman, she’s looking her best in human flesh and blood, carrying huge artillery. This looks like it will make a nice double feature with Haywire, no?

Check out the assembled stills released from the film below, all put together by the always-horny Jo’s at JoBlo. Many of them can be found in high-res over there, but come back and let us know (twitter, boards, or comments!) if you have any interest in this new Luc Besson/Olivier Megaton flick that has an assassin out for revenge against the assholes that killed her folks in front of her as a child. I feel like this would have made a lot more folks happy had Besson tweaked it a touch, cast Natalie Portman and made it a de facto Professional sequel, but Zoe looks ready to make her own unique splash to me.