I once compiled a list of the character types that Jason Statham has played in many of his movies, the ultimate point being that he’s got a wheelhouse that he mostly sticks to. It all boils down to the fact that Statham just knows who to play competent dudes who kills people competently, and it seems his latest film Safe, will be no exception. This time he’s a “former elite operative” who gets mixed up in a situation where he has to protect a young girl from –and this comes directly from the studio synopsis– the “bad guys.”

Fair enough, you know?

Here’s the poster, which is quite striking, and gives off more than a little bit of a The Professional vibe.

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I’ll be interested to see a trailer, as I’m typically fairly open for a good time with an elite Statham, but the trailer for the hilariously titled Killer Elite actually bores me to tears. Only some footage will tell me if this is more of that, or something at least vaguely interesting on a stylistic level. Fingers crossed!