It seems like Walton Goggins (one must be careful of absent-mindedly making him a “Walter”*) is the next character actor that’s catching on with a vengeance. The Justified star has been a steady worker for years and has two big projects this summer (Straw Dogs, and one of the few delightful characters in Cowboys & Aliens) but now he’s racking up even bigger movies while being fancast alongside many character actor favorites. He was a welcome addition to the Lincoln cast, and now to balance out that surely beautiful drama he’s got a nice juicy blockbuster with G.I. Joe 2, which will put him alongside The Rock, Channing Tatum, the RZA, Ray Stevenson, and Bruce Willis– if the rumors pan out.

Walton will be playing Warden Nigel James according to Variety, a character that seems to be an invention for the film. Doesn’t seem to be any word about the nature of the character that would tell us if he’s a full on active Joe, a government agent, an appendage of a villain… Gog only knows.

You can check out a CHUD interview with Goggins for Justified here, or continue finding other geek properties in which to fancast him. I’m quite sure he’ll be showing up with his silly hair in these kinds of cast lists more and more often.

Thanks to Brianne H. — always on it!