Yes, I know we all miss Elisabeth Rappe, but someone must report on Bradley “Popsicle Eyes” Cooper; the show must go on. One show that won’t go on though is Cooper’s role as The Crow. He’s leaving the project because of scheduling conflicts, one of which is original Crow director Alex Proyas’ movie, Paradise Lost. Oh the irony.

Cooper was no one’s ideal Eric D. Raven (except Elisabeth’s), so no mascara will run from crying over Cooper’s departure. But the short list of actors circling the project are even more dire, with Channing Tatum being the worst possible choice in the history of Crow movies. I’d rather see Edward Furlong reprise his godawful turn as the Crow five more times than see Tatum get the part. That dude makes Sam Worthington seem like a font of charisma.

Anyway, we may all get lucky and Eric D. Raven could remain in limbo forever while the Weinsteins and Relativity squabble over the rights to this dubious franchise.