casI cannot vouch for the veracity of this scoop, and honestly I don’t care to. The concept here is so good that I just hope that even if this is a fake story it sparks someone’s imagination and this film gets made. Our mysterious scooper, who is only know as Le Soprano, sends us this:

I have a scoop for you : the next Jean-Claude Van Damme movie will be a… French movie : an action movie entitled “Jean-Claude”, (it’s only a script title, they already changed it) the story of JC Van Damme, failed international action star with no money left, who leaves LA to Brussels (Belgium), back to his roots. There, he goes to his bank to take some stuff and finds himself trapped in a middle of a robbery ( i.e how Jean-claude got his groove back). It’s written right now by 2 French writers: Frederic Benudis (a journalist and TV host) and Vincent Ravalec (novelist). Van Damme has already said to be interested in the project.

There are two kinds of CHUD guys, I think – the ones who get Van Damme and the ones who don’t. I don’t, but I find myself fascinated by this concept. A French JCVD fan site seems to believe this story is confirmed (if my rusty high school French translation of ‘"Jean-Claude" confirmé!!!!!!!!!!!!’ is on target, anyway), so it’s possible that we’ll be hearing more about this very soon.