Candy opens
this weekend, and I think it lives up to much of the buzz as far as
being one hell of a psychological thriller. It’s the kind of movie that
can make you exhausted because your muscles were tensed up the whole
running time.

Earlier this week we ran my interview with director David Slade;
later today I should have up my interview with star Ellen Page. And
tomorrow you can look forward to my review of the film, where I’ll be
talking a little bit about feeling bad for pedophiles (although, quick
semantic note – someone who picks up 14 year olds on the internet isn’t
a pedophile. A pedophile very strictly is interested in pre-pubescent
children). Right now we have an exclusive clip from the film for you –
but it comes with a warning:

This is a spoilery clip. I
don’t actually know why this is being released. It’s a good scene in
the film, and I think the clip captures the flavor of the movie, but I
also think this clip ruins a bit of the suspense I enjoyed in Hard Candy’s first act.

Also, please back me up that Patrick Wilson – the guy who is tied up in
the clip – looks and sounds kind of like Will Arnett from Arrested Development. The whole film I couldn’t believe that this girl was doing such terrible things to Gob.

The clip is only available in wmv. Sorry!

Click here to see it in high quality.

Click here to see it in medium quality.

Click here, Goldilocks, to see it in shitty quality.